K-pop: T-ARA Sexy Love nails

Was surfing through youtube and came across T-ARA's new mv Sexy Love~
Thought it might be nice to incorporate their theme on our nails~
Here are some of the screen shots of their MV.

1. Paint the base white

2. With a nail art black striper, draw stripes on your index finger

3. On your ring finger, use a striper to draw diagonal lines to create diamond shape checkers.
You can do small diamonds.

or big diamonds.

4. On you thumb, middle finger and finger, use a stripe and draw an "X" like so.

5. Fill in the bottom wiht black to make a pointy French nail.

This is what you would get after that.  You can stop here or add some rhinestones like the first pic on this post~


By the way, I did this on Cho's hands and she was complaining how my camera makes her hands look dark and dirty....but it's not my camera that's making her hands dark and dirty....it's coz her hands really ARE dark! (and maybe a little dirty?)
When will she finally accept the reality?


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