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    Video: Cooling off the hot summer - watermelon nails

    It's hot! It's effing hot hot hot!!!!
    Nothing can make this horrible heat feel better.....nothing!  Unless you have a really strong air condition that can blast you away.  A second best thing would be to having cold cold cold crunch, sweet, juicy watermelon!

    Here is a gigantic watermelon we had.  Really huge.  Really sweet.

    A down side to it is that it's loaded with seeds...

    So, here is the watermelon I put on my fingers~

    The next day, I washed off the fingers with the watermelong skins and did stripes instead coz I didn't like the muddy green.  But after doing the yellow and green stripes, I realized I like the design I washed off....I am so indecisive...

    Here is the video:



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