Chinese Thanksgiving / Harvest Festival

This is a very special day for my grandma. She wanted to make sure our whole family attends, so she planned it almost 3 weeks in advanced. This celebration happens once every 8 years (but it varies depending on the village) and on this day you are suppose to be thankful for all the harvest over the years and pray for more good weather to have a abundant harvest for the years to come. On this day we are cannot eat any meat. And everything is vegetarian. We would also eat this special dish out of a pot. A lot of restaurants try to imitate it, but there is nothing like the authentic village style "poon choy" We would also eat this salty mochi like snack called "cha gwor" also one of my all time favorites hehehe.

The celebration lasts for a couple of days and each day there would be a special event where people would gather at the performance area where there would be dragon dancing and also paper puppet shows.

The stage area that they built is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! super super pretty with all the detail, I found it amazing that it was all done by hand!

Poon Choi :)

Cha Gwor 

by Cho 
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