Pepper Lunch Yum Yum Hong Kong

It has been a while since the last time I have posted about food hehehe. I love to eat and is always searching for cool yummy things to eat. Chi says that I devour everything in sight......

Any how I am steering away from topic. Pepper Lunch is one of my favorite lunch destinations. The only down side is that it always has a massive line up and it is a little on the greasy side. So I only treat myself once in a while.

It is raw beef with rice and corn served on a very hot metal pan. You are suppose to stir fry is quickly, (or if you have ordered a steak you are suppose to flip it over}cook the meat to your liking then pour in the sauce (sweet soy, or honey garlic) to cool the pan down to keep it from over cooking. Then you are ready to eat :) :)

The below are the before and after looks!!!! super super yummy.

Pepper Lunch at point I in "Places Part 1" on the map.

by Cho
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