Video: Glue Gun and 3D Nail Art Mold / Acrylic Mold

While looking through pinterest, we learned that we can use the 3D nail art mold with glue gun.  Somehow, Cho got pink glue sticks for the glue gun that we have.  So, we quickly took out our 3D nail art mold to see if it works.  The result is that it worked like magic!  It's so much easier and quicker than using acrylic powder.  There is no clean up for the brushes / glass cup / mold.  The completed little decor are flexible.  So, it seems they will probably adhere better to your nails?  Actually, we haven't try sticking it on our nails, so I am unsure of that.

There are some key points to keep in mind when you are doing this:

1. This method works best with 3D molds that are simpler and don't have many little dents and bubbles and tiny details.  The glue will have a hard some filling the tiny slits.

2. Try not to over fill the mold, as this will create a bumpy edge and you will need to shape it / cut it in a way so it can stick on your nail properly.

3. When filling the mold, try not to let the hot glue gun head touch the mold.  The glue gun is very hot and this will ruin the mold very quickly.

4. As heat is applied, this will definitely diminish the life span of the mold.  So, if you are afraid of ruining your molds too quickly, then this method is not for you.  As for me, my molds are $0.50 per piece, so I don't really care.

Hope you can try it out and have fun!

Here is a video:


Video: Glue Gun and 3D Nail Art Mold / Acrylic Mold Video: Glue Gun and 3D Nail Art Mold / Acrylic Mold Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, February 21, 2013 Rating: 5


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