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    Video: Using Acrylic Powder with 3D Nail Art Mold!

    A long time ago I got some 3D nail art molds.
    It took me a while to practice on how to use them.
    I have quite a few bottles of colored acrylic powder.  Cho got them for a few years now and she never used them....she loves wasting money.  Anyways, with the molds, it's time we put the acrylic powder to good use.
    It is expensive to keep buying those already made 3D decor.  With this mold, I can make colorful bows nonstop.

    Here are what I need:
    1. acrylic powder
    2. acrylic liquid
    3. a small brush
    4. a glass container
    5. a 3D nail art mold
    6. blue tack (for cleaning the mold)

    It's would be too wordy to explain in words. 
    Here is a video:



    1. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this video. Now I know how to make this kind of mani. I thought it was hard but i find it easy to do.

      1. They are much easier than you think. It just takes some practice and patients. Let me know how your decals go hehehe.


    2. This is a great and very useful post / video... Thank you!! Looks great. I really want to try this some time soon.

      <3 www.msjess.com

      1. Hehehe I think it just makes all the 3d charmed nails a lot more affordable like this hehehe.


    3. Replies
      1. Hehehe it may be hard at first. But it gets easy with a couple times hehehe

    4. what did you use to file the bow to make it a little round to fit on your nails?

      1. I just used some sand paper wrapped around a pencil. You can choose anykind of round object depending on how curved your nail bed is e.g. felt markers.....
        I hope this helps ;)



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