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    Sephora Powdery eyeshadows and Sparkling Topcoats Pallete

    I was shopping in at Sephora the other day and I couldn't help myself but to start playing with all the fun pallets that they had out. I can spend hours at Sephora since there is just too much to play with! 

    When I first laid eyes on this pallet I was thinking "this isn't possible, those sparkling pots must be lip gloss because there is no way a pressed shadow pallet can give up such a magnificent sparkle!" But of course I was wrong and I just couldn't peel myself away from getting this lovely thing! Here is the swatches and closeups. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the "sparkling topcoats" all have a unique sparkle tone, but with my poor camera quality they more or less all look silver-ish, but it all respectively shimmer in lilac, pink, orange, and silver. 

    by Cho


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