Leopard Deco Roll Cake!

I love watching cooking channels on YouTube. My fave ones are cookingwithdog and ochikeron. Their videos are easy to follow and their recipes all look really easy. This time I tried out a roll cake recipe. I got the deco cake idea from ochikeron and the recipe from cookingwithdog, since cookingwithdog's recipe seem to be a bit simpler.

It took me about 1 hr in total to do this. It's my first attempt. So, please excuse the not so perfect result. Nonetheless, the cake taste great. I tried to do some pink leopard print. It was a sloppy attempt to draw the print. I'll definitely try to draw better next time. To learn how to do the print, it's really just like painting leopard print on your nails. But instead of waiting for each color to dry before you paint another color on it, you need to bake it for half a min here.

This is definitely a fun baking attempt. Will try again soon to get a better looking cake.

Here is the recipe from cookingwithdog with some amendment:

4 Egg Whites
40g Sugar (1.4 oz)
4 Egg Yolks
40g Sugar (1.4 oz)
40g Cake Flour (1.4 oz)
120ml Whipping Cream with 35% fat (4 fl oz)
1 tbsp Sugar
Black food coloring
Red Food coloring (I didn't have red food coloring, so I used strawberry jam instead....not so good)
Fruit of your choice

1. Sift the flour 3 times
2. Beat egg white until semi stiff, add half the 40g sugar, beat again, add the rest of the 40g sugar
3. In another bowl, mix the egg yolk and 40g of sugar together
4. Add in the sifted flour to the egg yolk and mix gently until even
5. Fold in the meringue (egg white)
6. Put a spoonful of batter into 2 bowls. Add the black and red food coloring to each bowl.  Mix well.
7. In a pan, lined with baking sheet, draw out leopard prints.  Do the leopard prints like how you would do on your nails.  Here is a video for it.
8. Bake the prints for a minute.
9. Pour the rest of the batter into the pan and bake for about 15min at 170C
10. Take out the cake to cool.
11. Whip the cream.
12. Spread the cream onto the cake. Add fruits of your choice.
13. Roll it up like sushi with the baking paper.  Put in the fridge to cool.

It's quite hard to understand how to make with words.  Here is a video to cookingwithdog's video.
Here is ochikeron's version of the roll cake.

Leopard Deco Roll Cake! Leopard Deco Roll Cake! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. It looks so cool and I bet it was yummy! I love cookingwithdog and ochikeron too! They have one of the best recipes^^

    1. I agree!!! I love watching their videos,
      They make everything look so easy



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