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    Light Box Second Trial: Step by Step

    I could not live without my light box after the wonders that it did for me in Hong Kong, so the first thing I did when I got to Vancouver was to make one for my home there. This time I took step by steps, I hope this helps.

    Find a decent sized paper box that you no longer need. 

    Make borders around 3 sides of the box (I just used the thickness of my ruler since that make it easier for me)

    Use a knife and cut around the border like the picture above.
    Tape tissue paper down to cover the openings

    A few pictures just to show that you don't need to do a great job a taping to get a good lightbox

    Should look something like this in the end, now you just have to pick a background that you like, but you all know what mine looks like :)

    Enjoy your finished product (I know I need to use a better light, but still a fairly good pic I think)


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