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    Oakwood Canadian Bistro - Vancouver, BC

    I must thank my friend for always finding these lovely restaurants for me to visit on my trips back to Vancouver. They are the best, mostly a specific her :)

    The service there was great, food was great, the wait wasn't bad and totally worth it (I think it was around 15mins which is reasonable), the only semi down side is that it is a little tiny bit pricey but I can totally understand why. With the amount of effort and thought that the kitchen puts into the food and the knowledge the servers on the food it is truly a very special place and I would definitely come again for those special occasions. 

    This place serves a series of super yummy tapa type foods and they make it perfect for sharing. My favourite dish is their tuna raw!!!!!!! 
    By Cho

    Flat Iron Steak


    All Canadian Poutine

    Tuna Raw



    Oakwood Canadian Bistro at point K in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

    The Oakwood Canadian Bistro on Urbanspoon


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