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    OPI's Oz Collection - Lights of the Emerald City

    I have been looking for this glitter polish from the Oz collection for a very long time. It's sold out everywhere in Hing Kong and is over priced in Korea. Finally I got it in Vancouver!!!

    Love the white large square with the smaller holo square. It's sooo pretty!!!

    Here is my version of the Oz manicure~

    It's pretty liquidy, making it hard to pick up the glitter.  I had to dab it on a few times.  This caused a lot of little bubbles to form....don't like that.  Aside from the bubbles, I love this mani~



    1. This is the best use of that glitter I have seen! Beautiful!

    2. Awww...this is so pretty. I so love the background color and the glitters on it. I also love the jewel like beads that made it look so elegant and classy.


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