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    Simple Color Blocking Nail Art

    Simple Color Blocking Nail Art

    Recently got the 2014 Nail Up magazine special edition. It's the Japan Nail Salon Book. It has 2118 designs from various nail salons in it!!! Absolutely love it!!! Very inspiring.  There are a lot of complicated designs!!! I wanna try them all.

    The book list out designs from various salons with designs for spring, summer, autumn, winter, wedding and pedicure.

    My older sister was looking through it and decided that she'll do a simple design from the book. There are so many cool and complicated designs in the book. I don't know why she insisted on a simple one. 

    This is the simple design she wanted. It's a nail art design for summer~ I can't really read Japanese. From the limited Japanese I know, it's 9,100 yen to do this gel nail design at that salon. That's about $91 USD. I'd be broke if I pay that every 2 or 3 weeks to get my nails done~

    Here are the colors I used. I couldn't find my neon yellow. I had to substitute it with this mustard yellow. 

    The colors from left to right:

    Bourjois - Jaune trendy 39
    Sinful Colours - Endless Blue 1052
    Kiss - SPA12 Black
    Lioele - 30

    Excuse the rough edges around the cuticles. Too lazy to do cleanups, especially since I am doing my sister's nails. She fidgets too much. 

    My sister can't seem to position/control her hands. It took her a long time to position it on a way where I can actually take a proper picture. 



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