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    Fox (shiba inu) Nail Art

    Fox (shiba inu)  Nail Art

    Sorry for the poor yellow lighting.  I did this manicure on my friend in a restaurant.
    I didn't come up with the design either.  My friend gave me a picture and I just remake the design on her.
    It's a fox.  Can you tell?  This little "fox" reminds me of ,y dog Marley though~
    This was a pretty quick mani.  Took me about 30min.  It's always quick to do a manicure on others.
    I wish I have a mini me that knows exactly what I am thinking, so she can do my nails the way I want.

    Fox (shiba inu)  Nail Art

    Whoever came up with this design is talented~ so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Love it.

    Fox (shiba inu)  Nail Art



    1. You did it in a restaurant? hahaha How cool xD
      I love how it turned out, looks really cute <3

      1. haha yes. luckily it was a pretty empty restaurant. If not, the nail polish smell may irritate some people

    2. Cute. Feel free to me paulacupernails.blogspot.com


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