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    八海山 Hakkaisan Japanese Restaurant (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

    This is another random post.  Cho and I were in Causewaybay Hong Kong trying to look for Korea food.  I LOVE Korean food!!!!!!!!!!  Anyways, we were heading to this Korean restaurant in Causewaybay when this old lady handing out flyers to promote a Japanese restaurant.  Cho mindlessly took it and then the granny start pushing us toward the way of the Japanese restaurant that she was promoting.  We felt so bad to turn her down.  So, at least we just went for Japanese food instead.

    To my surprise this quiet place (it's really hard to find ANY quiet restaurants in Causewaybay.  It's simply too crowded in this area).  The environment wasn't bad.  The service was great.

    We ordered a few dishes and they were all great.

    This starter is free.  It's marinated eggplant.  Yummy!

    Then we have the soft shell crab salad!  I love it!

    Then there is the cold udon with tempura!  I love udon!  Serving it cold is great for the hot summer time.

    The salmon sushi.  Looks fatty and good.  But I read somewhere that raw salmon can have parasite in it.  After you eat it, the parasite will grow in your body and start eating your brain.  Tho I know they have treatments for sashimi salmon to kill off the parasite, but after reading the article, I just don't feel like eating it.

    Lastly, it's beef tongue.  I love beef tongue...I know, it sounds disgusting.

    Dinner this time was around $220 HKD.  Not bad for good food in Causewaybay.

    I went again a few days later and ordered some sushi.  Their sushi are so fresh!  Though a little pricy, but definitely worth it. 

    Address: 6/F., Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

    Hakkaisan at point R in "Places Part 1" on the map.



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