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    一休日本料理 IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant (Mong Kok, Hong Kong)

    Hong Kong has many cheaply priced restaurants and just like the price, the quality of the food is cheap as well~  I find that many people in Hong Kong seem to have malfunctioned tastebuds and I think I have developed similar problem as well.  I no longer look for quality when I go eat.  As long as I don't die, I am fine.  That's because I find that most of the times even when I pay a lot, I still get really bad food.  So, I don't bother looking for quality.  I just look for cheap food that won't kill me.  Came across Ikkyu in Women's Market.  The location and the appearance of the place told me one thing "cheap".  I look inside and there were many customers, meaning I most likely won't die from it.

    I looked at the menu and ordered a little bit of this and that.  I was really surprised when the orders came!  They actually looked like the pictures in the menu!!!!  I took a bite, and it's actually fresh and good!  I was quite surprised!

    They are doing this promotion for salmon sashimi for $28HKD.  I expected to have thinly sliced sashimi that look barely edible.  However, when the order came, this is what I got.  I can't say it's great, but it's pretty good.

    I also order some sushi.  I love the salmon belly sushi and the scallop sushi! Really delicious.  (Actually I wonder if my tastebuds was playing a trick on me as I have been eating too much bad tasting food).

    Look at the size of this.  Not something I usually see in Hong Kong.  They usually give small portions of sashimi with a big chunk of rice~

    Assorted tempura~  Looks great.  The picture isn't showing very well, but it's looks good in real life.

    This dish is not recommended.  Toooooo much rice and the butter in the middle makes the sushi too buttery and greasy.  Too rich.  It does look cool though, don't you think?

    Grilled beef tongue.  I love it~
    I know it sounds gross, but it's good.

    I think I ordered way too much.  However, the bill came to around $300HKD only.  
    For $300HKD, I usually get super crappy sushi that I regret getting.  So, this was a pretty good deal~

    Ikkyu at point P in "Places Part 1" on the map.



    1. Wow, so many delicious looking food! I love sushi even though here in our country it costs a lot in specific restaurants! Well, now I am hungry :((

      1. it can be quite over priced for a bad quality sushi here in Hong Kong as well. Japan is the best place for sushi, 2nd is Vancouver...according to the places that i've been to


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