Back to school doodling on notebook nail wraps

Here is another nail wrap that I got.  Summer is ending and time to get back to school for those that are still in school.....I wish I am.  I regret not skipping school enough~ hahaha.  I mean, when you are a student, you can pretty much skip school when you aren't in the mood of going.  However, when you start working, you can't just skip work, unless you are the boss or your an IT professional (Yes, IT's give me the feeling that they can just work at home on their bed with their laptop with them and they can pretty much skip work all day if they want to).

This is the what the packaging looks like.

It comes with 14 strips of nail wraps in 7 sizes~

You can get them here:

By the way, school is also great because you get so much holidays! What kind of job can offer you 2 months of summer break? Other than teachers.....

Back to school doodling on notebook nail wraps Back to school doodling on notebook nail wraps Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, August 25, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Very cute pattern. I usually don't use nail wraps because I don't like them on my nails, I always prefer to use decals instead. But these one are to cute!


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