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    Coffee Date Nail Wrap

    I know I haven't been painting my nails free handedly much, but that's because I have been too busy to sit down to paint my nails.  When I do have free time, I am so tired that I just want to sleep.  Being able to sleep is a luxury.  So, here is another nail wrap manicure / review.

    I am loving this design.  It's sooooooo cute.  Great for a fun girls date.
    Each pack comes with 14 strips of nail wrap of 7 difference sizes.  If your nails are too small for them, just trim the excess off on the sides.

    You can get these here:

    To make my manicure a little different, I cut some of the nail wraps in halves to make french nails.

    A video on how to use nail wraps:



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