Smitty Breakfast @ Osoyoos

Another breakfast place again! I was lucky enough to get to visit Osoyoos during the summer time as a weekend getaway. The drive down there is beautiful! So much trees and nature. Osoyoos is a very very small town and as usual I was looking for my brunch fix during y weekends. Smitty's was awesome. It had a very comforting family restaurant feel so it. Food was pretty good. Nothing that overly wowed me, but it was still very good, like how everything was just slightly above average. On the other hand I was also not expecting much from a small town. If I were to go to Osoyoos again, I would definitely eat here again and possibly try their dinner menu. 

Smitty Breakfast is at point A in the list "Outside of Vancouver" on the map.

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Smitty Breakfast @ Osoyoos Smitty Breakfast @ Osoyoos Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Rating: 5


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    1. the yummy looking food is always so fattening. I wish someone can invent food with no calories...


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