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    Juno Sushi @ Downtown Vancouver

    There are so many wonderful little Japanese restaurants in the Vancouver area. The only problem is that you can never tell how good their are because their store front is never really appealing and most of the time you would never think to go in since it looks like a "sushi place catered to Caucasians"

    But coming back to Vancouver this time, I have found that 100% of the time where I have walked into one of these places it has surprised me. Juno Sushi is just another sushi restaurant which wowed me. Their lunch menu is relatively cheap and good with lots and lots of food. I love how it has the brown rice option for a slightly healthier eating. The only problem I had with this place was their yam fries.......

    Their yam fries were not only small super small.... they were also microwaved...... not impressed. 

    Juno Vancouver Sushi Bistro is at point s in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

    By Cho

    Juno Vancouver Sushi Bistro on Urbanspoon


    1. Your food pictures looks always so amazing that I am drooling over my keyboard!

      1. too much eating for us, all our exercises go down the drain


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