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There is a new Thai place in Taipo.  Actually, maybe it has been opened a while, but just that I haven't realized.  I saw some of their pictures online and their desserts look absolutely delicious.  I just had to give it a try.  When I arrived at 8pm on a week night, it was all full and a crowd were already waiting for a table outside.  I got a ticket to get on the waiting list.  I had to wait around 30 minutes to get a table!  This place better be good!

I like the nice bright environment, unlike the usual dark run down looking Thai places.

I also love their menu!  Lots of pictures! I just points to the pictures that I want when I ordered.  So, I can't remember the names of the stuff I ordered.  Anyways, the pictures pretty say it all.

 I love how the pork knuckle fried rice is boneless.  I love pork knuckle.  However, usually in other restaurants, they serve it with the bone and the bone makes it so difficult to eat.  Here, it's slice up into 3 smaller pieces.  The meat is soft and tender and the skin is crispy!  Love it love it.

It's green curry, obviously.  I love how it's not too spicy.

This is a pretty plain fried rice.  We just ordered it so we have something to eat the green curry with.

Carbonara.  Creamy and good.

The food was pretty great for the price.

I love everything I had here.  All yummy.

I came here for the desserts.  So, even though I was already very full, I still had to order something from their dessert menu.

I saw they have the word brownies on their uniform and thought their brownies must be amazing.  So, that's what I got.

The picture looks pretty good, doesn't it?
However, it's the worse brownies I've ever had!  They aren't brownies.  They are fudge.  Cold fudge.

Address: Shop 202, 2/F, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, 9 On Pong Road, Tai Po

So Thai So Good at point X in the list of "Places Part 1" on the map.

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