Rage Comic Derp Nail Art

I went on an image plate shopping haul. I got 14 plates. Here is one of them. I just had to get it when I lay eyes on it. It's a plate with characters from the Rage Comics! Love reading the comics. I think I probably spend too much time on reddit and the Internet in general...

I love the packaging it comes in. 
As usual, it comes with a blue protective film. Peel it off before use. 

There are 4 characters on it. 3 of them has 2 sizes. I tried them out on paper and they all stamp amazingly well!  I am absolutely impressed by this plate. 

Polishes used from left to right:
Étude House Easy Peel Base Coat
Lioele #30
Konad Special Polish in Navy Blue
Sally Hensen Rapid Dri - 280 Rapid Red
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I made a little mistake and created a bump on the eyes head on my pinky. Looks like he banged his head against the wall or something. 

There's the "rageguy" on my index, "trollface" on my middle finger, "lol" on my ring finger and "oh god why" on my pinky.  Did I get the names of the faces right?

If you see this plate in store, definitely get them. They are so muh fun!

Rage Comic Derp Nail Art Rage Comic Derp Nail Art Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, February 19, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. These are so funny I can't even :'D I think it'll be cool if you added some words like LOL and RAGE below the images HAHA!


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