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    鮨一日本料理 G One Sushi Japanese Restaurant @ Taipo, Hong Kong

    I can't believe there is finally a Japanese restaurant in Taipo that serve decent Japanese food.  There are plenty of the cheap places serving sashimi that I question on health safety.  We found this really really tiny restaurants call G One Sushi in Taipo.  And by tiny, I mean you can barely walk around in the place.  There are 6 tables if I remembered correctly.  The tables were placed really closed to each other.  Not much space for you to turn around or stretch at all.  You would have trouble eating in here in the winter with big jackets.

    Aside from the coziness, the staffs are super friendly and attentive.  There was already a line forming right after the shop opened.  The staffs was patient with the people waiting outside.  A typical restaurant in Hong Kong that aren't in the high end side would usually have staff yelling at you even when you didn't do anything.  Here, there was no yelling.  It sounds kind of weird that it sounds like a miracle when you don't get yelled at by a waiter/waitress, but it's really the case here in Hong Kong.

    We ordered a salmon sashimi and salmon roe rice bowl.  With the price I paid, I was very happy with the amount of salmon roe I got.  I love salmon roe!

    Then there's the grilled eel rice bowl.  Hot and delicious!  That's a pretty big chunk of eel there!

    Look at this mouth water tuna and salmon belly sashimi.  They were so buttery and sweet.  Yummy.

    Then there's the hot pot!  Good for people who don't like raw stuff.  

    Everything was fresh and the cuts of the sashimi were great!  Great quality fish!  I can't say they are the best, as I am not an expert.  However, I can tell they are a million times better than some of the other ones I've tried in Taipo or anywhere else in Hong Kong. 

    I can't remember the total. We order a few other things and the total came to about HKD$120/person

    Address: G/F, Block C, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po

    G One Sushi at point h in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.



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