Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

It was kind of a stupid idea to come here.  Not that this place isn't worth coming.  I think this place is interesting in the sense that there are a bunch of seafood for you to choose from and eat immediately buying.  Being able to taste the freshness seafood.  I say it's stupid for us to have came here because both Cho and I don't really like seafood.  We do eat sashimi from time to time as we both love Japanese food, but I haven't had any sashimi for a few months now.  It's because I have been reading about and look at pictures about parasites in sashimi.  I totally lost my interest in raw Japanese food.  

At Noryanjin Market, I saw many shop cutting open huge fish and slicing them into sashimi for people to eat immediately.  I look around just hesitated about the hygiene of the serving process.  The place was of course stinking with dead fish.  The large tuna that they were cutting up were basically laying on the wet floor.  I also read that fish served as sashimi style needs to be frozen at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time to kill of the parasite.  I really don't know if they did that here to the fish.  

Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

There were some huge ass prawns!

Noryangjin Fish Market - Seoul

It was too freaking cold and I was coming down with a bad flu, so we only stayed here for a while.  My body wouldn't allow me to eat. 

Maybe I'll come back another time when it's less cold to have some cooked seafood.

Noryangjin Station (Line 1 – Exit 1, Line 9 – Exit 2). Walk along the overpass to the market.
You will be able to smell your way there.

Noryangjin Fish Market at point y.

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  1. I'm glad you went so I could see these photos! Love to get a peek at places I wouldn't otherwise.


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