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    Chanel Mix and Match Nail Art Nail Wrap

    Another nail wrap I am using today is this Chanel print nail wrap with some leopard print, finger prints in heart shapes and dollar signs.  I like how there are dripping paint on the Chanel logo.  However, do to patent and trademark, I can't sell these on etsy.

    Again these poor quality pictures are taken with my iphone 5.  Never realized how horrible the camera is until now.

    This pack comes with 14 strips of 7 sizes.

    1. Peel off the clear plastic.

    2. Place it on your nails and smooth out the edges.

    Always start at the center to avoid air bubble.

    3. File downward to get rid of any excess and apply top coat.

    It looks much better in real life.  The camera is ruining the nail wraps.  It is best to rub the nail wraps a few times before apply the top coat and after the top coat is dried.  This will smooth out any ripply edges.



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