DIY Kimbap!

I was watching Maangchi youtube channel on how to make gimbap!  I love watching her videos on how to make Korean food.  Her video seems easy enough for this gimbap recipe.  Decided to give it a try.  You can find her recipe here:

I wanted to make my gimbap less fattening, so I didn't use any meat.  It's all just veggie and egg~

I had a hard time rolling it up.  Maangchi made it seem so easy.  When I do it, the roll was so lose and it seemed like it was going to fall apart.  It took me a couple tries to make it a bit tighter.

Cho had it in a box.

DIY Kimbap!

Me, being the lazy person that I am, just wrapped it in tin foil.

DIY Kimbap!

DIY Kimbap!

Even though it's just veggie and eggs, it was still very tasty.  I was surprised with the amount of rice I used to make this.  I guess it is still pretty fattening after all with all the carb in this.  At least it doesn't have much oil~

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