Apartment from Airbnb in Osaka, Japan

I love travelling.  I love getting away from Hong Kong.  I am quite sick of Hong Kong actually.  So, it's nice to get away from it every few months.  This time before I started planning my trip in April, I had a moment when I thought I would go to Seoul again.  Then I stopped myself as I went to Seoul 3 years in 2014.  I need to find somewhere new to go to.  I wouldn't know where else to go to when I am in Seoul anyways, since I can't really think of things to do there.

This time, I went to Osaka.  I had a million reasons not to go there.  
  1. I don't need anymore skincare/costmetics. 
  2. I don't want any sashimi (which was a lie I told myself.
  3. Plane tickets to Osaka is more expensive than tickets to Seoul
  4. Hotels are more expensive in Osaka
  5. It seems Osaka is a boring place.
  6. Japan is radiated and I would probably start glowing in the dark after being exposed. (Or somehow get cancer and die).

After much struggle, I decided to go to Osaka at the end.  The plane ticket was of course more than what I would usually pay for Seoul and for an airline that I never trusted.  I flew on HKexpress.  Not a very reputable airline.  I was just glad the plane didn't crash.

To save some cost, I booked through Airbnb.  I wanted to find a place near Namba, but I booked late, all the nice cheap places were taken.  So, I found this place that is only 2 stops from Namba!  The apartment is just 30 steps from the subway exit.  This is the listing I booked at:

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The host Roman replied quick, which I absolutely appreciated.  The room is actually smaller than it seems in the listing's photos.  Nonetheless, it was still a great place.  I can't say it's super convenient as it's still 2 subway stops from Namba.  However, consider the price, it's great.   

The place was clean.  I like how bright the room is.  There is also a balcony facing the street.

This is the view outside the balcony.

This is basically the entire place.  You walk in the door, and there's the kitchen, walk forward, and it's the bedroom.  The place has the washing machine I needed.  I only brought 3 sets of clothes for my 5 days trip.  There is a little stove that I later used to cooked the deliciously looking beef I got at the supermarket.

I like how the toilet and the shower is separated, so things won't get wet.

Since the toilet and shower is totally separated, you won't have to die holding your pee in while your roommate is hogging the bathroom.

This place was only US$220 for 4 nights.  What a bargain.

The apartment is located at point A in the map.  

Apartment from Airbnb in Osaka, Japan Apartment from Airbnb in Osaka, Japan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, June 03, 2015 Rating: 5

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