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    Apples Nail Art

    Another simple little mani.  It's apples nail art.  I can't think of much I can do with the limitation of just 4 colors.  This mani reminds me of a back to school theme.  Though summer probably just started, we can always prepare for getting back to school.  As for me, I am out of school in years!  I miss school...I like how I can just skip when I felt lazy.  I mean I can skip most of my classes and as long as I passed my exams, I could still get my degree.  Nowadays, I can't just skip work when it's raining or when I am just not in the mood for work.  How sad.

    Polishes I used from left to right:
    Sally Hansen Triple Strong Nail Strengthener
    The Saem Global Eco Red
    ONL DD Pop Nails #34
    The Saem Ardent Lady AJ07
    Kiss Nail Art Striper SPA12 Black
    Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

    First, I painted 2 coats of the base colors.  I love this mint green.  People say it's blue.  I don't care!  I will call it green if I want to.

    After everything is dried.  I used the back end of a brush to draw in the details.  As for the tiny parts like the leaves and stems, I used a tooth pick.  You might be wondering where I used the black.  I actually don't have a brown for the stem.  So, I mixed tiny bit of black to the red to get a brown color!

    This is so cute.  I like it quite a lot!



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