Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

While I was in Osaka, I went to this Don Kihote quite a few times.  It has everything you'll ever need.  There's luxury bags and purses to cosmetics to food.  I headed straight to this place after I settled down because I realized I didn't even bring a brush or enough cleansing oil.  After I walked in, I realized this place is full of goodies.  The best thing is that this place opens 24hrs.  I feel sorry for the staffs there.  Not really because it opens 24 hours, since they work on shifts anyways, but because of how crowded the place is.  There were lots of Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongers and Koreans there shoving things into their basket like the they didn't cost anything.  I mainly stayed on the 2nd floor where beauty products are.  I got some daily circle lenses, nail polishes and some skincare.  

There were LOTS of circles lenses.  Most of the daily ones have no power though, which was quite sad.  I didn't buy any of the ones without power.  At the end, I only picked out 3 different types of circle lenses.  They were a lot cheaper than buying in Hong Kong.  

The top floor is where the luxury bags and watches are.  I think they are second hand.  Not sure.

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

Wanted to get one of these takoyaki machine.  Then we can make takoyaki at home!

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

There are also some household needs.

After wearing heels on a daily basis, it's time to get a skin peel for my feet!  This is basically half the price of Hong Kong!

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

This product was sold out, but the picture is just so weird/funny.  For 1450 yen, you can suck on this pink device to slim your face?

Their package is so much more interesting to look at.

They even have shoes!

For the nerds/geek out there, there are toys.

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

Helmets?  Is there anything that this place doesn't have?

Then to my favorite 2nd floor of cosmetics.  They have some really cute Little Twin Stars powder.  However, I have loads of compact and lose powder.  I had to refrain from buying.

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

Don Kihote at Dotonbori, Osaka Japan

I regret not buying more, but then, I do only have 1 face and I don't like to use old cosmetics.  Maybe by the next time I come to Japan, I will be able to buy more.

Located at point B on the map

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