Ramen Todai (ラメン東大) at Ramen Koji (拉麵小路) in Kyoto, Japan

It was lunch hour on the weekend at Kyoto Station.  Came across this Ramen Koji which is a floor in the Kyoto Station Building.  On the 10th floor is the Ramen Koji. The floor has 8 different ramen shops, if I remembered correctly.  Love this place as I love ramen. 

After looking at the pictures outside each shop, I decided to give Ramen Todai (ラメン東大) a try.  Went to the ticket machine outside their shop to get the tickets for the food I want.  I can't reallt tell what I ordered.  I just picked by looking at the pictures.

Found the Ramen Koji website and this is how they describe the ramen here:

"Tokushima Ramen adds soy sauce-based stock of its own recipe into the rich soup boiled with sufficient pork bones for long hours. Characterized with the salty-sweet boiled pork back ribs and a raw egg added as the toppings, the most common style is to eat this Ramen with rice here. The noodle is a medium type between thick and thin noodles. It's a Ramen with pork bone soy sauce based soup of a popular shop known for its long line of waiting customers."
Anyways, who cares what they say, as long as it tasted great, no words can really describe it.

The waitress then sat us down and after a few minutes, our food came!

I ordered a noodle with soft boiled egg and gyoza.  I didn't like the gyoza though.  Love the ramen.  Super tasty.

On the side, there are some raw eggs that you can add to the rice or noodle.  I didn't add any as I just don't like raw egg white.

I miss ramen in Japan.

The Ramen Koji is somewhere near point Z on the map.

Ramen Todai (ラメン東大) at Ramen Koji (拉麵小路) in Kyoto, Japan Ramen Todai (ラメン東大) at Ramen Koji (拉麵小路) in Kyoto, Japan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, July 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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