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    Gold Train Express - Vancouver, Canada

    I love eating salad roll.  It's lonely dinner for me again.  Eating alone, I don't feel like going somewhere far.  So, I just headed to Marpole for some pho!  Ordered a salad rolled and a beef stew rice noodle soup.  I actually wanted the regular pho.  I realized I made the wrong order when the noodle arrived.  Silly me.

    This is such an empty place.  There was only me when I first sat down.  Even before I left, there was only 2 other customers.  How does this place survive???  Is the rent in Marpole that cheap?  Shouldn't the rent be super expensive there?

    As soon as the salad roll arrived, I regretted it. Not that it's bad.  It's great actually.  But I know there are just too much food for me.  I ate one roll and had to pack the other one to go.  Now, I have a salad roll for breakfast.

    Here's the beef stew rice noodle soup.  Though not what I ordered, it's still good.

    Really soft tender beef and there really were too much.  I ordered a small and this is too big for me.  They should made a kid size or something.  Their portion is too big.

    Love noodle!

    Again, too much noodle!

    Gold Train Express is at point C in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.


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