Queen Elizabeth Part - Vancouver, Canada

It seems I always come to this place when I visit Vancouver.  I have all these hobby of an old lady.  Always visiting gardens and museums.  No wonder 95% of my friends ignore me when I ask them out for a walk.  Luckily, both my sister Cho and another friend like doing the same thing as well.  So, this time I am at Queen Elizabeth Park.  A great place to visit in the summer where the flowers are full bloom in the Rose Garden.

Whether it's in the afternoon when it's the brightest or when the sun is about to set, it's still a beautiful place.  I never appreciated the greenery or the blue sky until I moved to the concrete city of Hong Kong.  It makes me sad each time when I leave Vancouver, knowing I will miss the blue sky.

Queen Elizabeth Park is at point A in the list "Places Part 2" in the map.

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