West Dyke Trail - Vancouver, Canada

A friend took me here to look at some cows with a white belt, since we were planning to go to Steveston, which is near by. So, here we were at West Dyke Trail. These are some happy cows! At least they get a pretty good life before they go into people's mouth. Unlike some industrially raised cows. It was such a beautiful day! A great place for a long walk!

I like how people painted the sign so that the cow has this white belt just like the real thing.

I love this place.  Large field of green!  Fresh air and a light breeze!  Totally a better view than when I lock myself up in my room most of the time in Hong Kong.

Follow the trail and Steveston Village is just around 10 minutes walk away!

West Dyke Trail at where the farm is at is at point z in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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