Steveston's Fisherman Wharf - Vancouver, Canada

After hearing how people are getting fresh sea urchin at Steveston's Fisherman Wharf, I decided to go and get some myself!  I love this little town/village.  Everything is so pretty and cute here.  Great to relax for the afternoon to get some fish and chips or ice cream and sit by the sea and chill.

But I am not here to chill.  My goal: Fresh Sea Urchin!  These boats selling fresh seafood are only opened on the weekend though.  I think it's better to go early before things are sold out.

Go down to the floating dock where the boats have some fresh seafood for sale.

I think these are salmon roe.  How do you eat this a home though?  Lots of shrimps of sale as well.

Lots of fish for sale as well.

This is what I am looking for!  Fresh sea urchin!  $5 for a giant one and $10 for 3 smaller ones.  But honestly, I think the small ones are just as big as the giant ones.  I ended up getting some giants and some smalls.

On the way home, these sea urchin are already stinking up my car.  It keeps on leaking this disgusting brown fluid.  However, the smell of the sea urchin when it's intact is nothing compared to when you open it.

So we cut it open to find the yellow part that we will eat fresh and lots of brown gunk.  The powerful smell caused a gag reflex.  I was going to puke right then and there in my kitchen.  The smell quickly filled my house.  The smell is a mixture of fart and shit.  OMG!!!!  It's been an hour now with windows all opened and my house still smells.

We carefully scooped out the yellow part and rinse away the gunk.

Finally!  It took us almost an hour to clean out 3 sea urchins.  However, it only took us 3 minutes to devour these.  Very fresh!  Totally want to buy them again.

Steveston's Fisherman Wharf is at point E in the list "Places Part 2" on the map.

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