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    Pinkish Silvery Gold Glitter - OPI Muppets World Tour NL M75 Swatch

    Here is another glitter polish that I got.  This one has a lot of different glitters in it.  Lots of different sizes.  It's loaded with white glitter with some silver, gold and specks of blue.  I love it.  It also has a sandy finish.  So, no topcoat is needed unless you really want a glossy look.

    This is OPI Muppets World Tour NL M75.

    I think this polish needs at least 3 coats to get a good look.

    This is 1 coat.

    This is 2 coats.

    This is 3 coats.

    I used a peel off base coat here.  With so much glitter....it will be hell to remove without a peel off base coat.



    1. Nice polish though I think with a white or colored base would look better.


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