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    Sandy Matte Gold - OPI My Favorite Ornament HL E05 Swatch

    I have hundreds of polishes at home and I have promised myself that I won't get anymore.  I have obviously broken the promise to myself once again when I saw this gorgeous color by OPI.  It's call My Favorite Ornament.  Sure enough, it's exactly like one of my favorite ornaments on Christmas trees.  It has a sandy texture finish that's super glittery gold!  Absolutely gorgeous.  2 coats and that's all you need.  No top coat required if you like the sandy finish. But of course, there are people out there who like glossy finish, so just at a coat of your favorite top coat and it will look like any regular polishes.

    Look how dense the glitters are!

    This is after just one coat.  I am amazed!

    This is after 2 coats.

    I recommend using a peel off base coat here.  This is glittery stuff after all.  It would be hell trying to take them off.



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