Bistro 101 - Granville Island at Vancouver, Canada

While I was in Vancouver, I had lunch with my cute cute cute niece at Bistro 101.  It's a culinary school where they serve lunch at an amazing price.  The chefs in the kitchen are students and each month they have a different menu.  I went there in July 2015 and I can't remember exactly what I had.  I just love the idea that it's a school and also a restaurant where the student can practice.  The price was amazing as well.  It's a CAD$20 lunch.  Well, after tax and tips, it's about $30.

Here is my niece's chubby hand digging into the bread basket.  Cute.  She hate the food at the restaurant.  The only thing she liked there was the bread, which means more food for me!

They were serving this complimentary soup? cocktail?  I had no idea.  It was cold and interesting tasting.

Appetizer was lamb meat ball!

Mushroom soup!

Chicken.  I don't know what was inside.  I can't remember.  I just know it was good.  The presentation was nice.

Sea bass.

Actually, my niece did like some food there.  She loved the desserts!

Bistro 101 is at point c in the list "Places Part 2" in the map below.

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