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    Day 5 - Persimmon Juice at Juicy - Hongdae, South Korea

    See the size of this thing?  It's huge.  I ordered a persimmon juice.  I never had this fruit in a juice form before and I love it!  I order the 1L version.  I assume M = medium and L = Large?  But since they added the "1" in the front, does it mean it's 1 Litre?  The best thing is that it's only 2800 won!  I can't get juice half this size with that amount of money in Hong Kong.  So, first thing in the morning, I went to get persimmon juice to start my day.  And of course the cashier doesn't speak any English and it was hard to try to explain to her which fruit I wanted.

    I see this chain juice shop in many different places and there is usually a line up.  I guess it was too early in the morning so no one started a line yet.

    My head for size comparison.

    It's next to Thanks Nature Cafe near the university.  Well, there are many other outlets of Juicy.

    The outlet I went to is at point S in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:


    Day 1: Arriving at Hongdae
    Day 2: Rail Bike --> Lunch at 명가춘닭갈비 --> Nami Island --> Gwanjang Market --> Nail Art Shop in Miglore --> LED Rose at DDP --> BBQ Dinner
    Day 3: Haneul Park --> Incheon China Town --> Jjajangmyeon at 新勝飯店  --> Incheon Fairytale Village --> Dinner at Meat-ing --> Desserts at Sulbing
    Day 4: Breakfast at 돈수백 홍대직영점 (猪寿百 弘大直营店) --> Change Airbnb Room --> Majang Market --> Common Ground --> Namsan Tower --> Myeongdong --> Dinner at Chicken678 --> Desserts at Sulbing
    Day 5: Persimmon Juice --> Semi Breakfast at 김선생 --> Brunch at Pizza Mall --> Shopping Hapjeong --> Gyeongbokgung --> Apugjeong Rodeo --> Dinner at Hi-Meat
    Day 6: Naenmyeong at Naenmyeong Town --> Deer Feeding at Seoul Forest --> Dinner at Myth Jokbal --> Rice Ice Cream at Subok
    Day 7: Teobbokki at Teobbokki Town --> Seoul Grand Zoo


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