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    Trying Crystal Stamper for the First Time

    Me and Chi have been dying to try out the crystal stamping for a long time, especially after seeing so many different nail bloggers having so much fun and success with it. So finally we were able to find a local supplier who sold it at a reasonable price (around $2USD). It worked like a charm and I don't think I can ever go back to the old stamping tool. 

    I started out with a iridescent base color that reminded me of shimmering crystals. Then sponged on a silver glitter polish on the tips (see photo below)

    Then with my lovely new stamping tool, I started stamping away!!!!! It was such an awesome feeling being able to precisely aim where I was stamping!

    Here is the results before I had the time clean up. I was too excited and had to get a quick snapshot first. 

    Now for the finished product! I love it. So much fun, makes me want to wash off my nails and do it all over again. I know that sounds crazy. 

    Here are the colors I used:
    Ciate: Halo 089, My DIY Glitter Polish, Konad White

    Now here is a quick summary of the steps. 

    by Cho


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