Day 4: Maizuru Park 舞鶴公園 - Fukuoka, Japan

The other day, we took a train that's about 1.5 hour from where we were staying just to go to Kawachi Fujien to see some wisteria, which has an entrance fee of 1000 yen.  We felt like an idiot when we came across Maizuru Park while visiting the Fukuoka Castle.  Turns out, this Maizuru Park is free and has a really big peony garden and wisteria garden.  It's only 10 minutes walk from where we were staying at.  Why why why?  Why did we take 1.5 hr train to go to Kawachi Fujien for those wisteria?  Felt quite stupid.  Well, Kawachi Fujien does have more wisteria, but then when we went, they weren't in full bloom.  So, it wasn't as breath taking as we expected.

Going toward the Fukuoka Castle, we came across this sign and we followed it to find the peony garden~

It is late April when we visited Maizuru Park.  If only we visited 2 weeks later, the field would be covered in peony blooms.  Would be awesome to see the garden like the pictures shown on the guide.

Only a few peony bloomed.

Look at the hundreds of peony buds.  It would be awesome to see them in full bloom.

Following the map, we set up to find the wisteria!

Found them!

They are like grapes.  So pretty.  So close to where we stay and free to enjoy~

Maizuru Park is at point J in the list "Places Part 2" on the map below:


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Day 4: Maizuru Park 舞鶴公園 - Fukuoka, Japan Day 4: Maizuru Park 舞鶴公園 - Fukuoka, Japan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, June 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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