Salt Recipe - Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Salt Recipes.  This is a restuarant that I visited before its official opening.  They were still testing out their menu.  It's my first time go to the Yoho Mall in Yuen Long.  I always avoided going to Yuen Long, thinking it's a rural area with run down restaurants.  Surprised by how urban the Yoho Mall look.  The main reason I came here was because I see my friend's dining photo with the ship on the salt plate. I saw one of these salt plate before in Winners.  I had no idea how to use the salt plate and now that I see a restaurant using it, I want to see if food does taste better.

This is the menu they had at the time.

And extra pink salt~  more like orange to me though.

Don't remember what this was.....

Salt latte~

Had it eat this shrimp fairy quickly.  Coz the salt will melt and make the shrimp tooooo salty.  In my opinion, the salt plate doesn't do much other than making the food really's good for pictures though.  Looks delicious doesn't it?  But it taste like any other shrimp...

Salmon soup.  I hate fish and especially hate salmon in my I may be bias, but it tasted bad.

Again I don't like fish...why did I come here at all?  But still, the fish was prepared pretty badly.  Too dry?

Angel hair pasta~  

Fish and chips....the fries are good.  The fish was bad.  The batter was thick, the fish was dry and tough....

Don't like all the ice on my popsicle!

I don't like this place.  Will never go again.  The food only "looks" good.....

Shop 2042, 2/F, YOHO Mall I, 9 Yuen Lung Street, Yuen Long

Salt Recipes is at point z in the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:

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