Day 2: Majang Meat Market - Seoul, South Korea

First thing of the day, we took the train to Yongdu station and got out at exit 4 to head to the Majang Meat Market.  There is a Majang Station, but I find Yongdu seems to be the closest.  Before we head to the market, we just had to take some selfies at Cheonggyecheon Stream.  It is about a 5 minute walk from Youngdu Station exit 4 to Majang Market.  However, it always takes us more than 5 minutes because we always go down to the stream to take pictures.  The scenery is pretty much the same as the last few times we visited, but we just can't help but to take some pics for the bright sunny day.

After about a thousand selfies, we finally arrived at Majang Market~  Cho loves meat.  So, it's a must-go when we are in Seoul.  It's really a hit or miss for us to find the cut of meat we like.  We don't usually cook and don't know different cuts of the meet.  It's also hard for us to communicate what we want with the butchers when we don't speak the language~

The 4 of us got a bunch of beef.  Too my opinion.  We bought this pack of beef...not knowing which cuts they were.  They just looked good~  There's a combination of cuts, so there has to be something good it in?

Quite cheap compared to eating in Hong Kong.  That isn't the exact price we pay for as we ask for discount and "service", which is just extra free meat.  

After buying the meat at the market, the meat shop owner took us to a restaurant about 10 sec walk away to grill our meat~  With a fee of 5000 won per head.  Me...professionally grilling my meat~

The market closes every first and third Sunday of each month!  Check your calendar before going.
Take the train to Yongdu Station and get out of Exit 4.

Majang Meat Market is at point u in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


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