Day 4: Xindian and Bitan - Taipei, Taiwan

Our 4th day in Taipei.  Decided to go for paddle boat ride.....on a rainy day.  Hoping that that sky would clear up by the time we arrive Bitan, the place we were going to paddle boat.

Took the train to Xindian and had breakfast at some random restaurants.  Needed my dose of beef noodle for the day.  We really didn't know how to order anything.  Didn't know to order at the front first and then sit down or sit down first and then order.  We stumbled and tried to point on random things we see they were making.  We didn't know what they were and managed to get ourselves some food~

It's simply century egg and soft tofu, but I love the combination together and the sauce makes it awesome.  I don't know what's the name of the sauce.  Cho said we can probably buy the sauce in a bottle in a supermarket. 

Saw the chef/cook cooking in a huge wok with the brown cubes in it.  Had no idea what they call it and wasn't sure what it was.  So, we ordered it.  Turns out it's fried soy bean product.  Something like fried tofu.  Also very yummy.  I love tofu.

Total satisfied with my bowl of beef noodle that I only took a few mouthful of.  What would I do without Cho?  I need to bring her to eat out with me, so she can finish all the food that I only take a bite of.  Not that the food isn't good, but my stomach just isn't big enough to carry so much food.  I guess I am very "cheap" to maintain...I only need a few mouthful of food and I can grow a bunch of fat~  I just don't understand why I don't need to eat much to be full, yet my body still manage to grow quite big compared to the amount of energy I consume...

Walked over to Bitan where the paddle boats are.  It about 5 min from the Xindian Station.  Very windy and a little rain.  The place was pretty deserted.  I guess no one is interested in paddle boating on a rainy day....except us.  

Went over to the cafe area next to the river...but we were too full for more food.  Just borrowed their washroom before we head out to the water....still hoping the rain would stop.

The weather was too windy for manual paddle ourselves an electric one~  Just press a button and the motor will push it's way along the water.  A relaxing way to paddle boat.

There wasn't a super big area where we could ride our little swan boat to, but we thought the allowed area would include somewhere under the bridge as well.  So, we happily steered our little boat toward the bridge.  Turns out the current was strong than we expected and we were being carried into the sea~  All the while, we were oblivious, until the staff at the shore kept screaming at us telling us to turn back.  But, we were quite far from shore and heard nothing he said.  We saw him energetically jumping up and down on shore and we were quite puzzled why he had so much energy on a gloomy quiet day.  Seconds later, he jumped onto a speed boat, rushed to us and pulled out little swan back to shore and told us we were being blown away.  That was quite stupid of us....felt like 2 bimbos even when we aren't blond

Take train to Xindian and walk about 5 minutes to Bitan~

More information can be found at Go!Taiwan.

Bitan is at point x in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


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