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    Day 3: Gwangjang Market - Seoul, South Korea

    At Gwangjang Market to check out if they have some cheap hanbok.  Turns out they were pretty expensive.  So, we dropped the idea and went for the food instead~

    Decided to go for some raw beef and life octopus~

    I find it quite disgusting.  The taste is good, but the thought of eating raw beef gross me out...Cho loves it.  Is there anything that she doesn't love?

    Then live octopus.  This, I really can't handle.  I can't accept my food wiggling in my mouth.

    Then I went for some cooked food. Gimbap, tteoboki, sundae

    First time have sundae.  Thought it would taste gross as I heard they are made from blood.  But it's actually pretty good~  No weird taste.

    Gwangjang Market is at point L in the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


    Day 1: Airbnb in Hongdae > Myeongdong
    Day 2: Majang Meat Market
    Day 3: Breakfast at 교지나주곰탕 in Hongdae > Isaac Toast > Korea House 한국의집 > Hanbok Experience at Namsangol Hanok Village> Gwangjang Market > LED Roses at DDP
    Day 4: Pork stew at 이대조뼈다귀 in Hongdae > Airbnb in Seomyeon > Dinner at Busan 
    Day 5: Breakfast at 전망좋은집 Gamcheon Culture Village > Gamcheon Culture Village > Busan Tower and Nampo Area > Raw crabs for dinner
    Day 6: Traditional Market 부전시장(주) > Lunch at Taejongdae > Taejongdae Park > Dinner in Nampo Dong at 남포 구워삶기
    Day 7: Pork Knuckle at Haeundae Market > Haeundae Beach > Mom's Touch >  Gwangalli Beach > Korean BBQ at Gwangalli Beach > Fried Chicken at Mom's Touch again > Night time Busan Tower
    Day 8: Korea BBQ Breakfast at 동남갈비 > Jaseongdae Park > Busanjin Market > Pork Soup at 쌍둥이 돼지국밥 > Busan Museum >  Movie in Kyungsung University area
    Day 9: Lotteria


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