Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Glitter French Mani

I haven't painted my nails for months.  There are a few times when I sat myself down, picked out some nail polishes that I wanted to use.  Then after a few seconds, I got lazy and decided to dig out my nail polish strips again.  This time, to be less lazy about it and to actually have some sort of design on my nails, I got some diamond shape glitters to line up the edge of French tips.  Basically, nothing can go wrong with glitter, right?

These nail polish strips feel and smell just like real nail polish.  In fact, I feel they smell even stronger than some of the regular nail polish I use.  Once I open the sealed packet that many pieces (I can't remember how many...hahaha) of nail polish strips of various size, I feel like I am on step closer to getting sick by the chemicals.

They really are very simple to use.  Remove the actually nail polish strip that is sandwiched between a clear plastic and a paper backing, then align it to you nails.  File off the extra part.  Then finish it off with a clear top coat.  I, of course, used my all time favorite top coat Seviche.

Glam it up with a few more glitters by sticking it on with the wet clear top coat.  Then cover the whole thing with the top coat again to make sure everything is sealed in~  Done in 15 minutes!  Since the top coat dries pretty fast, I was ready to head out almost immediately.


Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Glitter French Mani Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Glitter French Mani Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, March 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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