Lynn Canyon - Vancouver, Canada

It kept on snowing in December.  Had no idea where to go and thought it would be fun to check out Lynn Canyon part where there is a free suspension bridge to cross.  Took me about 45 minutes to drive there!!!!

Again, barely anyone at the park.  But I soon found out why.  It's kind of crazy to visit the park where it's freezing cold with snow and ice.

I could hardly feel my fingers.  My ears felt like they would fall off.

Nonetheless, it is still amazing to walk around and enjoy the park with a different feel than in the summer.  

It's trees trees tress everywhere I go.

The place would be littered with people in the summer playing in the water, but it was so quiet that day that I feel like a bear would come out and eat me.  And the worst thing was that there was a thick layer of ice on the frozen dirty.  So, if a any wild animal came, I won't be able to run fast at all...

Tried to going down this frozen path...but I couldn't not get 1 meter far without sliding down the slope.  Gave up and crawled back up on my hands and knees.  That's why there weren't many people there.  It's too difficult to enjoy the park when you can't even walk upright.

Lynn Canyon is at point m in the list Places Part 2 on the map below:

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