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    Sockeye City at Steveston Fisherman's Wharf - Richmond, Canada

    I like anything that's fried.  Even if it's fish!  Came to enjoy an afternoon at Stevenson Fisherman's Wharf.  Why not sit down for some fish and chips by the dock?

    Really love how there aren't anyone around wherever I go.  I get to enjoy the place without fighting for personal space.

    Not hungry enough for a full lunch...but good to know they have other things to serve other than fish and chips...

    Sitting right by the winter and enjoying my food with the view outside.

    Surprised that there are no one outside, but quite a lot people in here.  I guess it was too cold.  Everyone just wanted to find a warm place to chill.

    Seeing their happy hour specials makes me want to come again.

    Ordered my halibut and chips and clam chowder soup~  All good.

    Sockeye City at point q on the list Places Part 2 on the map below:



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