West Dyke Trail - Richmond, Canada

There is something eerily beautiful about Vancouver in the winter.  The touch of snow just makes it a little more magical.  Came West Dyke Trail at the end of where Terra Nova Adventure Playground is.  No particular reason to drive all the way here in the cold, but just to come for a peaceful walk, get some fresh air and clear our minds.  

After working in the chaotic Hong Kong for so many years, I have finally learned to appreciate the peacefulness Vancouver can offer.  My friends who has been living and working in Vancouver probably think I am crazy to come here just for a walk.  Many of my friends would rather go to a mall or drink at a bar.  I can do all that in Hong Kong, but not this.  So, I made sure I enjoyed every moment here where I don't have to get pushed around by angry working class every other minute.

It looks like a painting....

This part of West Dyke Trail is at point l in the list Places Part 2 on the map below:

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