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    Grapes Nails Image Plate Y004

    Doing some fun looking nails with image plate Y004.  It's a plate with different fruits on it.  This time I am just using the 2 images with grapes.

    Here are the polishes I used.

    From Left to right:
    American Apparel - Dynasty 36509
    American Apparel - Mac Arthur Park 42018
    OPI - Samoan Sand
    ONL - Pop Nails #13

    This is after 2 coats of my base colors

    Using my clear jelly stamper here to pick up one of the grapes image.

    I love how I can see through it and aim precisely on my nails.

    Before I stamp it on my nails, I fill in the colors with a dotting tool.  It looks like a mess here.

    But if you turn over to the other side, you can see I have filled the colors inside the line.

    After the image is all dried, stamped it onto my nails.




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