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After a day at Ocean Park, we decided to celebrate my sister's birthday at Jumbo Kingdom, the floating restaurant.  I have never been here before even though I have lived in Hong Kong for so many years.  I have no idea how to get to this place without driving.  Most of the people that goes to this place are tourist or on business trips, so they would have a ride anyway. We have to get to the pier to wait for a shuttle ferry/boat to get to the restaurant that is in the middle of the water.  The furnishing of the pier and boat is super Chinese.  Probably one of the most "Chinese" looking restaurants I have every been to in Hong Kong.  I can already that this place is a tourist trap.  The decoration is definitely something for the eyes of foreigners.  Local Chinese probably wouldn't specially look for a Chinese restaurant that actually look so Chinese.

There little boats come and go around every 5 minutes.  So, even though there are a lot of people waiting, it pier doesn't get packed too crazily.  

The restaurants is about a 3 minute ride from shore.  It's totally just for fun and show to have it there.  It's a fun experience once in a while, but not practically if I were to eat here everyday, which I won't since it's super expensive there.

The interior of the boat makes me feel like I have traveled back in time.

Finally, after about 3 minutes, we arrived at the floating restaurant.  The entrance is amazing.  I haven't seen restaurants like this in ages, with the tacky dragons and all.

There are so many people heading in and I am surprised to find all these people disperse into nowhere after entering the building.  I rarely see anyone.  This place is hell a big for hiding away so many people.

It's a seafood restaurant...but I don't really like eating seafood.  Also, if we actually ordered all seafood dishes, we'd be broke!  So, we just ordered very normal food.  

The food is pretty good.  For the price they charge, they better be good, right?  It was around HK$2-3k for the dinner.  I can't quite remember.  The price you pay for is really for the ambience and furnishing.

Time to head back to shore.

Jumbo Kingdom is at point M in Places Part 2 on the map below:

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