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We are carnivores.  I love steaks and Cho love them even more.  Since Cho is doing Atkin's diet, this place is great.  All steaks!

The furnishing is chic.  I feel prettier just by sitting in the restaurant.

And to accompany the chic ambiance, there's a pretty nice view of the Hong Kong harbour.

Their bread is super fluffy and buttery.  I wish I could have more!  But I had to save space for my meat later on.

Started with Ahi Tuna, which looks better than it taste.  A little disappointed with the tuna.  It's too stiff and dry.  Not recommended.

Roasted cauliflower.  They taste so good that I didn't think I was eating veggie.  And I normally hate cauliflower.  So, to make me love this dish, it's really amazing. 

Truffle fries are loaded with truffle.  Very crunchy.  I actually like my fries thicker so it would be soft in the middle, but this is still delicious.  Come on, it's fries.  It's hard to be bad.

The I had a truffle pappardelle.  Again, very strong truffle flavor, and rich and creamy!  Just the way I like it.  

There are 2 types of steaks to choose from.  USDA and Argentinian.  Their difference according to the waiter is that the USDA ones has more marbling more fatty and grain fed.  The Argentinian steaks has a strong beefy flavor, less marbling.  We had a ribeye from US and Argentina.  I like the Argentinian steak more.  It's more tender and less fat.  It also had less tendon too, at least that was the case for the piece of steak we had.  Drooling as I look at the picture.

A perfect medium rare.  They rested it just right, so no runny bloody water.

Ended the night with chocolate butter cake with bacon ice cream.  Yes, it's bacon flavored ice cream!  
Sounds weird to have bacon flavored ice cream, but it taste surprisingly well together.
The chocolate cake is very dense, rich and moist, just the way I like it.

Alto is at point N in Places Part 2 on the map below:

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